The wedding dress journey continues from saying yes to your dress to Alterations. All wedding gowns are ordered to the closest size to fit, therefore almost every dress needs some sort of alteration from a hem to a bustle, to taking in or letting out in certain areas. Our in-house dressmaker will use her craft to complete this part of your journey.

What happens at the Alterations appointment?

At our boutique, alterations may take 2 to 3 appointments to ensure the proper fit. At your first appointment the dressmaker will go over every detail of your vision to make your wedding dress nothing but flawless. This is also where you can make any customizable changes to your dress (adding sleeves, lowering the back or neckline, adding appliqués, or beading etc.) After pinning, our dressmaker will give you a price quote. If you do proceed with alterations, the payment will be due before alterations begin and follow-up appointments will be made.

What do I bring to my Alterations appointment?

The two most important things to bring to your alterations appointment are your shoes and proper undergarments.


The wedding shoes are important for making sure that the hem is the proper length of the dress, and the bustle is perfect. If you do not have your exact shoes, then you can bring shoes that are the exact height of the shoe you will be wearing.


If you are planning on wearing something specific under your dress (shapewear, corset, etc) make sure to bring this in as well. The fit of your wedding dress may alter depending on what kind of undergarments you wear. We do also have bustiers in store that can be added to a wedding dress to give more support if desired.


For Alterations appointments please contact us directly at (702) 456-5688


Our Dressmaker is available by appointment only Tuesday through Thursday.