I truly cannot thank the wonderful ladies of Bowties Bridal enough for helping me find my dream wedding dress! From the consultants to the seamstress to the store’s owner... the entire staff at Bowties Bridal are there from start to finish to help brides find the PERFECT wedding dress for them. I felt so supported and listened to during the dress selection process from start to finish. They even have some clever tricks up their sleeve if you find yourself stuck between two dresses! For any brides who may be nervous about trying on wedding dresses, you can rest assured that the ladies at Bowties Bridal will make the process easy and (most importantly!) enjoyable from the moment you step through the door to the time you leave your final dress fitting. They can do all of their alterations right there in the store, which is very convenient. They have dresses from multiple designers in their store with all silhouettes, styles, and even colors. I tried on dresses from three different designers, and I truly loved so many of them. It was hard for me to decide on "the one," but the staff at Bowties helped me to make the right decision for me. I have NO regrets about my dress and couldn't be happier with the way I looked and felt on my wedding day. To all brides – I highly recommend that you make an appointment at Bowties Bridal to find the wedding dress of your dreams!

Nichole Hawley

Thank you Bowties Bridal for helping me find my wedding dress! I was definitely a bit anxious going into my appointment, and wasn't all too sure on what dress style would look best on me. However, the ladies at this boutique were fabulous. Everyone was super patient and helpful in clarifying any questions and/or concerns that I had. Not only that, but they had such a large selection of bridal gowns - so beautiful. I'm so happy to have found my dress here! Such a fun experience, one I will truly remember. I can't wait until my photos come in, stay tuned!

Claudia Hernandez

Both me and my sister found our wedding dresses here (actually on the same day). Their inventory is stunning and they have dresses for every body type! The ladies who work there are professional and so very sweet. They remembered us every time we went in for appointments and they clearly love what they do. When things didn’t go as planned they always had a backup option and it all turned out perfect in the end. My dress was stunning and I have never felt as beautiful as I did on my wedding day. I can’t thank these ladies enough!

Liliana Miller

Bowties Bridal went above and beyond. It took a few times looking at dresses to find the right one. They were so helpful, always assisting me getting in and out of the dresses till I found the perfect one. The alterations were done quickly and they were fantastic. The wonderful workers at Bowties kept me updated on my dress at all times. They helped teach my maid of honor how to bustle my dress and how to put in my veil.
As they are well versed in the wedding industry in Vegas, they were able to provide some recommendations for all sorts of vendors in the valley, which was so nice of them! When it came time to pick up my dress, it was nice and steamed, ready to go. They were the best and helped make the wedding experience an absolute joy.

Astrid Miller

Going wedding dress shopping at Bowties Bridal was one of the best decisions I made! Everyone at Bowties Bridal were so helpful, supportive, and wonderful. We were planning on getting married in North Carolina, and then doing a post-wedding photo shoot in Sedona, and they were able to help me find a dress that was perfect for both venues. When I was shopping for my dress, they honored my budget, gave me their honest opinion on the different dresses, and were so supportive in every way. When I went to buy my dress, I didn't really care for a veil, but they helped me find the perfect veil that just completed the dress. They made the whole process of buying a wedding dress, having it altered, and picking it up so easy and stress-free. I got married in North Carolina, so they even packed my wedding dress in my carry-on bag for me! I'll be returning with my dress soon to have it cleaned and preserved. I'm so glad I got my dress at Bowties Bridal!

Amanda Sullivan

I love Bowtie's Bridal! They just let me walk around the store and mark things that I would like to try. The first one I tried on there ended up being the one. Instant waterfalls as soon as the veil went on.
I also love that they make sure I stay in budget, clarifying about taxes and alterations. It was a beautiful moment, the workers remembered my name, and they love what they do. I can't recommend them enough. Going again in a couple days to preserve my dress.

Jacqueline Borgen

Bowties Bridal is amazing!! I went into the whole wedding dress journey without having much of an idea of what I wanted, so I was definitely out of my element and pretty nervous. Etianne was SO great with helping me figure out what I like and don’t like and ended up finding the PERFECT dress for my big day. From start to finish, ending with the alterations process, the whole experience was smooth and enjoyable. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

Kylie Alford

I did not think I was going to find my dress on my first appointment but I did! Etianne and Bianca are the best!!! They were so helpful the entire time and Etienne was really patient with me. They answered any questions I had and made sure I felt completely comfortable. I did freak out because my dress came super fast and I thought it would turn yellow but they explained how to keep it from turning yellow. I had a beautiful wedding and I couldn't have done it without these two ladies!!!!!

Paula Aguilera

Bowties was the first and only shop I went to for my wedding dress. I didn't think I would find my dress the day I went shopping but the patience of the women at Bowties really allowed me to explore a number of styles until I found the right one. The dress pictured here is the last one I tried on and it was just right. And the tailor at Bowties must be a wizard because she shortened my dress without disturbing the intricate lace pattern.

A huge thank you to all the women at Bowties for helping me find the dress that made me feel so special on my wedding day. ❤️❤️❤️

Eileen Diskin

I went to Bowties Bridal last Tuesday with my mom and my best friend. I had already gone to one of the chain bridal stores so I was expecting the same kind of experience. The attention and the service I got from Evana was unmatched. I picked out a couple of dresses and then Evana picked out some more. I started to try on the dresses and she was right there with me making sure I was comfortable and that the dress looked right. She also was asking me questions. She asked about me, my fiance, how he proposed, etc. I thought she was just making conversation but she was trying to get to know me and ultimately my style. She picked out a dress and when I saw it on, I automatically teared up and knew that it was the dress I was going to wear at my wedding. I still tried on a few dresses after that one but I knew it was a done deal. Evana wanted to make sure that it was the dress of my dreams. I cannot wait to go back to start the fitting process and see my dress again. Thank you Evana!!

Cheryl Zagala